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Signs, Wayfinding, for Real Estate, Builders, Architectural Graphics on my newest website

My latest website is up at It features a lot of HTML5 and jQuery animations, search engine optimization and design. All done without Flash. The company offers lots of services for real estate type industries.

  • Weekend directional services including attention getters such as living signs, weekend directionals, aerials and trailers
  • Exterior wayfinding programs for municipalities, master plans, and other areas needing traffic direction
  • Design and fabrication of Sales offices, information and design centers
  • Fabrication and installation of custom interior displays and furnishings for sales and leasing environments, information centers, design centers and commercial interiors
  • Custom interior displays and furnishings
  • Environmental graphic design services including design and programming of residential and commercial interior and exterior sign packages

I learned a lot about MSI while working on this website.

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iTour Interactive Floor Plans

When I’m not playing games like Frontierville online, I may be at my real job where I make interactive real-estate kiosks. These include interactive floorplans, siteplans and area maps. I updated the website today so it was more geared toward the interactive floorplans rather than the 3D renderings and animations to target where there seems to be more business lately. We are currently working on a version for the iPad.

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